Shihsyu Paper Taiwan Glass-Patterned Pressed Handmade Colored Postcard

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Size: Postcard Size (roughly 11cm x 15cm)

There is a total of 6 colors; vintage pink, soda ice cream (light blue), cloudy days, vintage green, white/cream with tea leaves, and pink roses.

Each postcard has a pressed patterned of the Taiwan Glass-patterned that is only seen in Taiwan's traditional glass windows.

When using this postcard, please do not press the paper (or the pressed-designed will slowly be flat). 

Each paper are handmade, so each size will be roughly different, each paper will have a slightly different shading of the color, slightly have different speckles of other colored papers, etc. 

You are able to buy the whole 6 colors in a pack cheaper than if buying one sheet at a time.