About Me

About Tokubetsumemori

"特別メモリ", or in another words, means special memory in Japanese. This shop contains all the memories I have during my stay in Taiwan before and currently. I felt that there were a lot of focus in Japanese stationery, knowing they probably have all the things that you need over there. But once you get the chance to visit Taiwan as well for its stationery, I feel that you would need both for your collection, as well as other countries stationery. So that is why I want to open up this shop to share the stationery that are mostly available to Taiwan to everybody else worldwide, knowing that you can get a piece of Taiwan. This online shop will be sharing artists particularly in my hometown, Taiwan, and will soon expanding to other brands in other countries such as Japan, China, Korea, US, or more in the future. 


About Shop Owner

My name is Judy and I have been loving stationery throughout my entire life. I started getting into stationery a little bit more serious around 2014 when I first started buying my very own set of artist washi tapes, from Fion Stewart! That's when I discovered the love for washi tapes and it has continued all the way til' today! Currently I am more focused on washi tape as my hobby is making washi postcards (as you can see them on sale on this website), but I also love creating and journaling along the way. If you get the chance to check out my latest work, feel free to follow me at tokubetsumemori on Instagram. My styles ranges several as I love vintage to kawaii. When I am not journaling in my time, I also love to play with my dogs, watch anime, play League, and collect anime figurines and gashapons.