ATTENTION: Central States in US customers

It has come to my attention that many of the shipped package from Taiwan to central states around the Chicago custom office branch has severely been delayed. 

From my personal experiences in central states including: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, etc. it would take around a few days for Taiwan packages to arrive to the customs in Chicago, but the Chicago customs will keep holding your package for over one month (up to three months) without any updates.

Please refer to the link below: 

for the issues USPS has discovered back in May along with many comments that has the same experiences as me.


More reports are reported and noted in this PDF: as to why the packages are delayed with disorganization, mismanagement and disordered from USPS. 


If you want to order from Tokubetsumemori, BUT do not want to wait that long for the packages, I recommend to give a west or east state address so then your friend/family/relatives can then ship it to you without having it processed at the Chicago customs. Domestic shipping should be much more faster. So far with many western and eastern states, it would take up to one month but that would be the maximum time (from my experiences). 

So far, many of the packages in the central states has not been lost. It ONLY has been delayed, so I would not worry too much if it is lost.