Currently 18 countries are eligible for free shipping over $50 orders

Europe: France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Norway

Asia: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

Others: USA (Not including Hawaii and Guam)


9 countries are ONLY available in EMS! Free shipping over $100 orders 

Europe: Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium

Asia: Cambodia

Others: Australia, Canada, New Zealand


1) What does this store usually sell?

Tokubetsumemori sells mostly stationeries that are from Taiwan as well as tokubetsumemori's original washi postcard works. 


2) Are you able to do holds?

Unfortunately I will not be able to do holds. It will mess up with the organization and the quantities I have with the products. Holds does not guarantee that customers will pay for the item. However if it is holds after the items has been paid, you can message me for more details. 


3) Where are you shipping from and how long does it take?

My online store is located in Taipei, Taiwan. Usually to US and UK, it takes about 2 weeks on average (not including weekends). If it is to South America and Canada, those would take much much more time up to months. 

If you only paid for shipping without tracking, I will always always take a picture of package proof to let you know what your package will look like. 


4) What is your shipping rate?

For all orders above $50USD, the shipping will be FREE. However there will be no tracking (Tracking cost additional fee). Additional tracking for orders over $50 USD is $6.50USD.

For all orders under $50USD, the shipping rate is $6.50 throughout, no matter if it is $49USD or $10USD order. Additional tracking will be $5.00. 

For all orders that can ONLY use EMS, the shipping rate is $20.00 USD for all orders ranging from $5.00 to $49.99. The shipping rate is $10.00USD for all orders ranging from $50.00 to 99.99 USD. The shipping rate is FREE for all orders $100 and above.


5) Are you able to do refunds?

I will only do refunds IF the items have not been shipped yet. I will also do refunds if the item was damaged along the way getting to you and you have showed me proof that it was damaged. If further discussed, I will also have an option of replacing the damaged item. I will refund when it is my fault in the process of the shipping (such as writing your address wrong, wrapping and protecting not good, etc)

I DO NOT REFUND if the package is LOST in the mail when buyers did not pay for tracking. If your country takes a long time to ship, such as South America or Canada, I would recommend you to do tracking if possible, PLEASE. 

I DO NOT REFUND if the address was sent wrong, given to me wrong. If you are able to let me know as soon as possible for me to change the address, PLEASE message me ASAP.


6) What shipping carrier are you using?

Mainly I use Chunhwa Post Office to ship my packages. Once in awhile, I get customers wanting to use EMS (Express Mail Service). I will gladly gladly help you set up an customized EMS shipping quote if you message me and let me know your concerns. 


7) Do you do bundle sales or discount?

Yes, if you can, please message me for more details.


8) Do you gift wrap and/or leave gift message notes?

Yes, if you can, please message me for more details. 


9) Where can I reach you?

You can always message me at shop email at tokubetsumemori@gmail.com , or you can message me at Instagram: tokubetsumemori 

I will get back to you as soon as possible. If I did not respond after one week, please feel free to message me again if I missed it.