Tokubetsumemori's Letterpress-Leftover Paper Scrap Goodie Bag

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*****EACH PERSON CAN ONLY ORDER AT MAX ONE PACK of each choice*******


Each pack will contain at least 30 paper scraps, including blanks, frames, letterpressed small colored tiles (total 6, 3 designs each), and one designed-letterpress postcard (12cm x 17cm) printed from Japan. 

There are two styles to choose from: neutral-colored (white/cream to grey/brown) and color goodie bag. 

There will be REPEATS of some if ordered 2 packs from each choice, but I will try my best to spread out the differences when packing the goodie bags.


I got many paper bundles from a Taiwan letterpress company as they were selling their leftover papers! A lot of the papers are thick, ranging from 140gsm up to 450gsm, ranging from variety of different types of paper and sizes.

These packs are great for collaging, used for ephemuras, and journaling!

All of these packs are packed RANDOMLY, and no refunds will be accepted once ordered and shipped out.