SOUSOU x Eslite x IMAT Black A5 to A4 Cutting Foldable Mat

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This is a collaborated item only sold in Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan, with the cover design collaborated by SOUSOU, and the cutting mat material manufactured by a Taiwan company IMAT. 

Size: Foldable size is A5, turning into A4 when laid flat and opened. 

There are a total of 3 designs, this listing is ONLY for the black background with numbers

Inside, the cutting mat design is gridded, with CM measurements on the side, and the degree angles. 


1. Do not use solvents, such as industrial alcohol, formaldehyde, acetone, and other solvents. A large amount of sweat, minerals, or oil will also cause partial unevenness.

2. About heat resistance, more than 60 degrees will affect the physical flatness, it is recommended to place it on a desk or cut on it. If you need to put something very hot on it, it is recommended to add a layer heat insulation pad.

Remarks: it is an environmentally friendly material, so it may not be restored due to partial unevenness.


No plasticizers, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde

Friendly environment, 100% made in Taiwan

Quality guaranteed SGS, TCC double notary unit inspection

✔EU EN71-3 and CE standard inspectionQualified

✔Taiwan CNS Affairs Stationery Standard CNS-15527 Inspection Qualified