PET Tape Workshop @ Stationery Fest

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Update: June 15 

All slots has been full! Thank you everybody who made this possible!! 

Update: June 3

Another booking slot is opened on August 9th @ 2PM!

Booking slot will be opened at June 15th!!!

Update: June 1 12:02PM (EST)

Class is now full, and will not be accepting any more slots. 



Have you heard of what a PET tape is? Have you ever seen PET tapes being used in people’s journaling but never know how to use them to the fullest extent? Did you know there are many different size/styles/designs of PET tapes? PET tapes have been popular recently in the past few years in the stationery community, however, nobody has really talked much about it.
In this class, we will be going over the different kinds of PET tapes, as well as learning how to apply them to your journals/postcards, and how to use them for collages. This class will provide a variety of PET tapes for you to use and share, and a goodie bag of PET samples for you to bring home and practice!

This class is nonrefundable, although, it is transferrable to shop credit ONLY if you cannot make it to the workshop (please notify by July 31st 11:59PM GMT+8). If not notified by July 31st, transferrable shop credit will not be applicable.

By giving up your slot in the workshop before July 31st, I am allowed to open your slot for other people who are interested in this workshop. Your shop credit will not expire. 

Booking Times:

June 1st (Saturday) 12:00PM (EST) opened until slots are full

Workshop Time:

August 7th @ 4PM-6PM (2 hours) Stationery Fest
August 9th @ 2PM-4PM (2 hours) Stationery Fest
67 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Class Size: 12

Workshop Outline:

Class is 2 hours long
1) Introduction to different kinds of PET tapes, showcase sampled works up close (15 minutes)

2) Learn to use PET tapes in different formats/styles:

  • Circle style (30 minutes)
  • Frame style (30 minutes) 
  • Collage style (30 minutes)
3) Choose from a variety pool of PET tapes to bring home for your goodie bag (15 minutes)
  • You will get to choose a total of 10 sampled PET tape loops from a variety of PET tapes (reference photo of many variety of PET tapes)

Materials Provided: 

  • PET tape samples 
  • White blank postcards 
  • Foam tapes

Materials Required to Bring: 

  • Scissors! Scissors! Scissors! (Important!!! MUST BRING MUST BRING)
  • Writing tools + ruler (Good to have)
  • Exacto knife (Good to have but not requirement)
  • Stamps (word stamps and ink pads) (Optional)
  • Your own journal/inserts (Optional)
  • Craft cutting board/mat (Optional)

    DO NOT BOOK THE WORKSHOP WITH OTHER ITEMS. If you want to order items from my shop, please make a separate order.