Kokuyo Gloo Limited Design Owl Beige 10g Glue Stick

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Kokuyo Gloo Limited Design Beige Owl 10g Glue Stick


This is the first limited color from the "GLOO" series of glue sticks and tape glues. We adopted a package design with the image of a bird that is familiar with the popular Scandinavian design. 

The "GLOO" series was released in January 2019 in collaboration with "Design Office nendo (Representative: Oki Sato)" in order to enrich the work of "pasting". A series of adhesive and adhesive products that pursue high functionality and ease of use while maintaining a simple, minimalist and stylish design. 

GLOO (glue stick) has square corners on the coated surface, which makes it easy to apply to the corners, and because it is a colored glue, you can easily see where you applied it, and after applying it, the color disappears and the finish is beautiful.

Product details:
●Ø27 / 88mm
You are purchasing one GLOO stick.